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Filters within the range are:

  • AQF – Ceramic Filter – the ideal first protection stage of the compressed air system due to its great resistance to heat and wear. It is suitable for intercepting a large quantity of solid and liquid particles, up to 3 micron, with minimal drop in pressure. Filter element is made from layers of glass microfiber and layers of non-woven polyester.
  • APF – Prefilter – Ability to intercept solid and liquid particles up to 1 micron. Apart from the greater degree of filtration, the features are the same as the AQF series. To avoid premature clogging of the desoiling filter use as a prefilter to the AHF series.
  • AEF – Coalescing Filter – Interception filter suitable for hard and oil particles up to 0.1 micron in diameter. Microdroplets which drip at the bottom of the filter housing are formed by submicronic particles, which strain through the element from the inside, colliding with each other by means of impact, interception and coalescing principles. The housing itself is made of a layer of borosilicate fibre-layer supported by two inner and outer stainless steel structures.
  • AHF – High Efficiency Coalescing Filter – Suitable for solid and oil particles up to 0.01 micron in diameter. Similar to the AEF series, the degree of filtration is the only difference. Suitable for use in installations where high levels of purity are essential due to the air passing through the filter being 99.99% oil free. Utilise after a dryer as a desoiling filter, it is the optimal prefilter for the ACF series.
  • ACF – Activated Carbon Filter – Able to attract, through the absorption process, all remaining odours and vapours left after desoiling and attach them to the active carbon particles. The ACF filter must always be preceded by the AEF or AHF filter. The filtering element is made of a bed of activated carbon covered by a fibre coating, kept in place by an inside and outside stainless steel wall.

Main features of Our Compressed Air Filters:

  • High efficiency with low pressure drop ensures low operating cost
  • Anti-corrosion protection for high endurance in heavy working conditions
  • Made from cast aluminium
  • Quick cartridge exchange with integrated seals
  • Colour coded filter element end caps. Direction of air flow, inside to out, through filter element
  • Activated carbon filters will not remove certain types of gases including carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide and must not be operated in oil saturated conditions
  • Grade CF elements must be changed at least every 6 months
  • Float operated automatic drain valves for models AEF, AHF and AQF. Manual drains on models ACF and APF
  • Threaded filters and filter elements are suitable for use with mineral and synthetic oils plus oil free compressed air applications
  • Threaded filter elements are silicon free
  • Optional extras including wall mounting kits and differential pressure gauges
  • Activated carbon towers for larger applications available to order.