BLASPHEME - Désir de Vampyr - Black LP



By many French metal fans, BLASPHEME along with SORTILEGE are hailed as the two best French singing metal bands ever. The reason is simple. Just like SORTILEGE with their three albums, BLASPHEME released in the 80s two albums that contained no filler songs. Loaded with driving raw heavy metal, with explosive riffs and "in your face" vocals, no serious heavy metal collection is complete without the two classic albums of this band. So it was about time for both of them to be properly reissued featuring remastered sound, band story, amazing photos and lyrics of all songs in a limited edition reissue that you shouldn't miss even if you own the originals.

Comes in 180 gr vinyl.

Release date: September 24th, 2020.

Side A:
1. Seul
2. Territoire Des Hommes
3. Orgie Romaine
4. Saint D'esprit
5. Controle
Side B:
1. Au Nom Des Morts
2. Taxer Le Peuple
3. Vivre Libre
4. Erreur De Moeurs
5. Desir De Vampyr

BLASPHEME - Désir de Vampyr -Black LP

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