DAMIEN - Beyond Apathy - CD+DVD

Released in 2011 by the band and with a very short availability, the BEYOND APATHY full-length album marks the return of Toled0's heavy metal masters DAMIEN, after some years of intermission from recording duties. Fronted again by the original singer Randy V and the original drummer Johnny 'Evil' Cappelletty, BEYOND APATHY comprises a total of 11 songs of crushing U.S. Metal, with a very doomy, eerie feeling and a clear manifestation of DAMIEN vitality and willingness for the challenges ahead.

We proudly bring you this special edition of CD+DVD, which includes the full BEYOND APATHY album, with rare live footage of the 2011 tour, plus interviews, music videos and studio report. Enclosed as well, a 16-page booklet with official band biography, liner notes, song lyrics and photos. Limited edition of 500 copies.

DAMIEN - Beyond Apathy - CD+DVD

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