DAMIEN - Candle Of Life - CD+DVD

The year of 1990 marks a turning point on DAMIEN's career. Original vocalist Randy V exits the band and the vocal duties are delivered to Troy Moore, which brings a new vocal approach to the consolidated style of the band. In 1992, a promotional tape is recorded with 7 songs, which represents one of the best (and not so well-known) music moments of DAMIEN. The tape, with an original pressing of about 100 copies, sold out very quickly and today is one of the DAMIEN's most desirable items!

We are delighted with the opportunity to have this moment of DAMIEN's history, available in CD for the first time! Besides the 7 songs from the promotional tape, rare live footage of this era will be included, with two live performances available in DVD! The booklet will comprise full song lyrics, band biography and photos. Don't miss the opportunity to add CANDLE OF LIFE CD+DVD to your DAMIEN's collection!

DAMIEN - Candle Of Life - CD+DVD

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