MAMA'S BOYS - Officiel Bootleg Album 1980 - CD

40th Anniversary Edition

Released for the very first time on CD, the 40th anniversary of the MAMA'S BOYS kickstart, this collectors edition includes the rare original "Official Album" private press LP on Pussy Records (later the album was renamed "Official Bootleg" and was released twice on vinyl with only 8 of the 10 tracks of the original press), plus the rare 1981 single "High Energy Weekend/Hitch-Hike". Hitch-Hike appears on the very first time on CD too. With rare early photos, band history and liner notes by Pat McManus this is a release not to miss, from the Irish Rock legends.
Digitally Remastered by Janne Stark (Overdrive, Constancia, Grand Design, etc.).


1 I'm Leaving Home  
2 Down And Out  
3 Belfast City Blues  
4 Highland Rock  
5 Record Machine  
6 Rock N' Roll Craze  
7 Summertime  
8 Big Bad City  
9 Without You  
10 Demon  
  Rare 1981 7" Bonus Tracks
11 High Energy Weekend  
12 Hitch-Hike

MAMA'S BOYS - Officiel Bootleg Album 1980 - CD

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