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"All for One" is the third full-length album by British heavy metal band Raven, originally released in 1983. This would be their last album outside of a major label, also being said by fans to be their last "golden age" album, containing some of their finest work. It is also notable that Udo Dirkschneider, frontman of German band Accept would appear on a couple of the tracks recorded. 1.Take Control
2.Mind Over Metal
3.Sledgehammer Rock
4.All For One
5.Run Silent Run Deep
6.Hung Drawn & Quartered
7.Break The Chain
8.Take It Away
9.Seek & Destroy
10.Athletic Rock
11.Born To Be Wild (7” single with UDO)
12.Ballad Of Marshall Stack (12” B side)
13.Inquisitor (7” B side)
14.Mind Over Metal (live 1983)
15.The Power And The Glory (All For One sessions)


RAVEN - All For One CD

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