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"Rock until You Drop" is the first full-length album by British heavy metal band Raven, originally released in 1981. Before thrash and speed metal was truly a genre, you had certain NWOBHM bands such as Venom and of course, Newcastle's Raven that were developing this sound. "Rock Until You Drop" definitely is a speed metal album- there were not many albums or bands like this at the time. Raven are often overlooked but truly did pathe the way for a whole genre that followed. 1.Hard Ride
2.Hell Patrol
3.Don’t Need Your Money
4.Over The Top
6.For The Future
7.Rock Until You Drop
8.Nobody’s Hero
9.Hell Raiser/Action
10.Lambs To The Slaughter
11.Tyrant Of The Airways
12.Wiped Out
14.Crazy World

RAVEN - Rock Until You Drop CD

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