Acid Metal inspired by Tank, Venom, W.A.S.P. and Diamond Head. Sabire is Rock `n’ Roll. Sabire is Acid Metal. Acid metal has nothing to do with LSD whatsoever. Acid metal takes its name from the corrosive substance. It all has to do with the sound of the guitars and the wet production overall. The guitar’s tone sounds like a drop of acid in the dark. Acidic tone. Sabire’s lyrics no matter the subject, and they are numerous, always have a tinge of biting realism that burns like a drop of acid onto your skin. ACID METAL IS THE SOUND OF TRUE RESISTANCE.


Side A S H :

1. Helheim (Intro)     

2. One for the Road     

3. Rise to the Top     

4. Black Widow

Side B L O O D :

1. Slave to the Whip     

2. Daemons Calling     

3. Make Me Shiver


No Remorse Records - 2019

SABIRE - Gates Ajar LP

17,00 €Prix

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