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Eine Kleine Nachtmusik is a live album released by English heavy metal band Venom in 1986. It contains partial recordings of two different concerts with two different setlists. The first disc contains a show recorded at Hammersmith Odeon in London on 8 October 1985 and the second disc recorded at The Ritz in New York City on 4 and 5 April 1986. The title Eine Kleine Nachtmusik is German for "A Little Night Music". The title is taken from Mozart's piece of the same name. 1.Intro / Too Loud For The Crowd [Live]
2.Seven Gates Of Hell [Live] 
3.Leave Me In Hell [Live]
4.Nightmare [Live] 
5.Countess Bathory [Live]
6.Die Hard [Live] 
7.Schizo [Live]
8.Guitar Solo - Mantas [Live]
9.In Nomine Satanas [Live]
10.Witching Hour [Live]
11.Black Metal [Live]
12.The Chanting Of The Priests [Live]
13.Satanachist [Live] 
14.Flytrap [Live]
15.Warhead [Live]
16.Buried Alive / Love Amongst The Dead
17.Bass Solo - Cronos [Live]
18.Welcome To Hell / Bloodlust [Live]

VENOM - Eine Kleine Nachtmusik CD

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