DIGIPACK - Dissonance Records - 2018


ILabel: DISSONANCE"Mayhem, Fuckin' Mayhem" (1986) is the third full length album by WARFARE. Finally made widely available by Dissonance Productions! This period was a continuation of total insanity drafted and driven by WARFARE creator Evo, it features Venoms Cronos on bass guitar and it was banned by many shops for its defamatory title. The intention of Evo was to create a mix of metal and punk, a sound which Warfare achieved very successfully it was at this time that the infamous Hammersmith Odeon gig was performed. 1.Abortion Sequence2.Hungry Dogs3.Generator4.You Really Got Me5.Ebony Dreams6.Extreme Finance7.Projectile Vomit8.Mayhem, Fuckin’ Mayhem9.Atomic Slut10.Machine Gun Breath11.Murder On Melrose


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