DIGIPACK - Dissonance Records - 2018


Originally released in 1984, "Pure Filth" is the debut album by WARFARE the band created by EVO.  When the album was released, they had yet to perform their first gig but this was hardly an issue thanks to EVO’s prior apprenticeship in a number of punk and metal combos, including Angelic Upstarts, The Blood & Major Accident. If you haven't heard the classic Metal Punk chaos of WARFARE yet, this album is your chance! It also features an insane jam with Venom.

2.Total Armageddon (Full Scale Attack)
3.Noise, Filth & Fury
4.Let The Show Go On
5.Break Out
7.Rabid Metal
8.Dance Of The Dead
9.Limit Crescendo
10.Rose Petals Fall From Her Face (w/ Venom)

Bonus tracks
11.This Machine Kills
12.Burn The Kings Road
13.Two Tribes
15.Blown To Bits

WARFARE - Pure Filth CD

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